Program Plan tool for ECE use

Program Plan is computer software that allows ECEs to complete and manage their weekly program plans using any electronic device which supports a web browser. The core of Program Plan is the ELECT browser, which saves the time otherwise spent reproducing numerous ELECT references throughout each week’s plan. Other features include libraries of curriculum items which grow as new activities are added to the weekly plans. Weeks may be copied and modified, Plans may be viewed as .PDF files that are customized by the site admin to duplicate any planning form format your centre is already using.

Program Plan was created by an ECE specifically for use by other ECEs.

Program Plan is simple to use. Login, use it, and begin saving time immediately.

Choose from one of the existing form layouts for the completed plans, or request a customized form.

The subscription fee for Program Plan is $5 per program (eg. JK, Toddler, etc.) per month.

For a free trial, click the New User tab above this page.